12' Slider Acoustic Studio Sound Treatment Foam Tiles 16Pcs

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12" Slider Acoustic Studio Sound Treatment Foam Tiles 16Pcs

The Slider Acoustic Tile is the latest addition to the Advanced Acoustics product range. 
After extensive prototyping and testing this product is finally ready. 
The uniquie profile of this precision cut acoustic tile really is an eye catcher. 

These Slider Acoustic Foam Tiles will make your studio look and sound like something out of this world. 

The tiles can be placed in an endless combination of clusters and styles as can be seen from the images we have here. 
The high performance of the tile is helped by the huge depth of tile which helps to control even troublesome rooms. 

The increased thickness of tile over other standard tiles also means that even lower mid range frequencies are kept under control to ensure your studio is finely tuned and balanced.

The acoustic foam we use in manufacturing these and all our other acoustic tiles and products has been carefully developed to offer you optimum performance. The structure of the cells, the foam's density and the composition of the foam is perfect for offering even, controlled and balanced absorption. 

With a peak thickness of 70mm thick it offers very good performance for the lower mid range and all the way up to the high frequencies. 

This is all thanks not only to the foam we use with its density of 30kg/m3 and perfect cell structure but it is also thanks to the design of the profile. 

The Slider profile we have developed is simple but very effective. By taking no foam out of the tile to create the Slider profile, means there is still plenty of foam per tile to give you that required absorption.

The tiles are 12" (305mm) by 12" (305mm). They have a peak thickness of 2 3/4" (70mm) and are 3/4" (20mm) at the base. 
There are 16 tiles in each pack covering a total area of 16sqft (1.48sqm)


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