2mm Car Sound Deadening Mat 18 sqft For Noise Insulation and Dampening

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2mm Car Sound Deadening Mat 18 sqft For Noise Insulation and Dampening

80 mil is full weighted sound deadening material! Vibro-dampening layer is a composition of butyl and different improvers. These components should be used in correct proportions so the maximum efficiency is achieved. The optimal weight of 80 mil material is minimum of 0.7 lbs/1 sqft. Different weight of the material may affect the physical properties thus decreasing a performance.  80 mil has great adhesion! It is easy to cut and install.  altogether is a very user-friendly soundproofing solution.

This material eliminates vibrations, reduces general noise and rattle of the vehicle allowing for higher comfort.  80 mil also improves a quality of your sound system. However, using  80 mil as a standalone will not be 100% solution for your vehicle while still making a large difference. We recommend using  80 mil in a combination with a layer of closed cell foam material which is a special heat and noise blocking product.


Please use gloves for your hands protection when working with material.

Correct installation of material is 50 % of successful soundproofing of your car. Carefully pre-roll a material to the surface that was priorly cleaned and degreased. Special embossing on the foil is made for convenience of installation so you can see the areas that are rolled properly and those one that need more pressing.


Please carefully read a service instruction up to the end. It is important to familiarize oneself with all the details as efficiency of soundproofing doesn't just depend on material you use but mainly is a result of correct installation. Please note that incorrect installation might lead to undesirable results or no effect at all.


Decide what part of a car you want to insulate in first place: floor, roof, doors, trunk or firewall. Treatment of each metal part of car has its unique contribution to overall effect. With that being said, we recommend to soundproof all metal parts for maximum performance. Next, find a service manual to your particular vehicle and locate a part that explains as to how to dismantle the trimming panels. You'd have to be carefull when taking them off and avoid breaking the fixing clips. That sort of information could be also found on a relevant automotive forums.


Remove the remains of factory insulation once trimming is dismantled. You only need to do that if the factory insulation is damaged or not properly fixed. You can leave it there if it's still in a good shape. Next step is to properly clean, dry and degrease the prospective surface. Sound deadening won't adhere properly and may not last long if applied to wet or dirty surface. Use a degreaser and dry, clean rag for this purpose. We also recommend wearing gloves and to air a room from time to time during the work. * Pre-try a degreaser on a small spot before using that on plastic or painted parts.


Once step 2 is complete, measure the prospective surface that you are going to treat. Quick tip is to first make a template of appropriate size on a paper and then transfer it to deadening mat. That will help to place it accurately and avoid wasting a material. Use a stationary knife or construction scissors to cut a desired shape and size. Be careful and use gloves for your hands protection.


Next, place a deadening mat to the surface without removing a protective film. Make sure that it properly covers the surface. Now it's time to remove the protective paper film but do not pull it all at once, do that gradually for better adhesion. Once on a surface, press it down and let it glue. Flatten the sheet with your hands to avoid air bubbles between a mat and metal surface. Use a rolling tool to press mat down to a metal surface. Special dimples-like foil embossing on a mat surface allows to see the spots that need more pressure. You'd have to roll it down till the foil texture becomes smooth and plain which means that it's installed correctly.


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