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2x Galvanised Steel Garage Shelving Heavy Duty Metal Storage Garage Racking 5 Tier Bays

£ 93.59 (Inc VAT) | £ 77.99 (Exc VAT)
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<p><strong>2x Galvanised Steel Garage Shelving Heavy Duty Metal Storage Garage Racking 5 Tier Bays</strong></p> <p><strong>Product Description:</strong><br /> Made from galvanised steel the garage storage shelves from our racking range are great for warehouses, garages, stock rooms and offices.<br /> Corrosion resistant, strong and robust - these two 90cm wide shelving units will work as standalone units or why not use the included six bay connectors to make a more secure shelving system.</p> <p><strong>Product Features:</strong><br /> <strong>1</strong>. 2 x galvanised steel racking units<br /> <strong>2.</strong> Made from 0.8mm thick galvanised steel, zinc coated to prevent rust<br /> <strong>3.</strong> Thick MDF boards for all shelves<br /> <strong>4.</strong> FREE 6 bay connectors to fix the racks side by side<br /> <strong>5.</strong> Adjust the shelf heights for storing larger items<br /> <strong>6.</strong> 5 shelves per bay &ndash; each of the 10 shelves holds 175kg of evenly distributed weight, that&rsquo;s 1750kg in total!<br /> <strong>7.</strong> Boltless &amp; easy to assemble<br /> <strong>8.</strong> Split each rack in two to make smaller shelves &amp; workbenches<br /> <strong>9.</strong> Moulded feet give extra stability to the bottoms &amp; protect the tops<br /> <strong>10.</strong> Each unit measures: 90cm W x 30cm D x 180cm H<br /> <strong>11.</strong> Full assembly instructions, not like you&rsquo;ll need it because it&rsquo;s pretty easy</p> <p>These boltless shelves split in half, so you can have four smaller galvanised shelving units or workbenches, perfect for workshops, garages and utility rooms.<br /> With a T-shaped interlocking mechanism, no bolts or hefty tools are required for assembly - just use a rubber mallet to knock the supports into place.</p>

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