Clear Perspex Gloss Acrylic Hued Gleam Sheet - Green 6T81 (T)

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Standard colours are recorded and are by the same token: 
(S) = Solid Perspex® Color: 
This means that the Perspex® Color doesn't permit transmission of light (eg in the event that you held your hand up behind a strong shading sheet you would not see a shadow). 
(T) = Translucent Perspex® Color: 
This means that the in spite of the fact that the Perspex® Color permits transmission of a negligible measure of light you can't see through the material (eg in the event that you held your hand up behind a clear shading sheet you would see a shadow, yet you would not have the option to see your hand) 
(X) = Transparent Perspex® Color: 
This means that the Perspex® Color is see through. So essentially, the sheet is clear however colored with a shading. 

  • In stock 
  • A restricted scope of different thicknesses ie 10mm and 20mm might be accessible 
  • For additional subtleties or for colors not recorded, or custom Perspex® Colors - Please contact us. 
  • Additionally accessible in a sheet size of 3050mm x 2030mm: please contact us to examine your needs. 


  • Perspex® is a premium, globally perceived, brand of acrylic sheet and has been made in the UK since 1933 
  • Perspex® acrylic hued sheet has a gleam finish the two sides 
  • Provided with a defensive plastic film on the two sides 
  • We just sell unique Perspex® acrylic sheet - be careful with modest, non-authentic material!

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