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Heavy Duty Garage Shelving With Blue Steel 5 Chipboard Shelves

£ 552.41 (Inc VAT) | £ 460.34 (Exc VAT)
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<p>Garage Shelving<br /> Stockroom Shelving<br /> Garage Storage<br /> Industrial Racking<br /> Industrial Shelving<br /> Heavy Duty Shelving Bays</p> <p><strong>Product Description:</strong></p> <p>Garage shelving heavy duty blue industrial shelving with 5 chipboard shelves&nbsp;is constructed from large sturdy components with high density chipboard decking ideal for storage of bulky items</p> <p><strong>1.</strong> 2mm thick steel construction.<br /> <strong>2.</strong> Durable powder coated finish.<br /> <strong>3.</strong> Each shelf can hold up to <strong>720kg UDL</strong>.<br /> <strong>4.</strong> Includes high density chipboard shelves for heavy loads.<br /> <strong>5.</strong> Galvanized panels&sbquo; melamine or wire mesh shelves also available.<br /> <strong>6.</strong> Shelves can be configured every 38mm to suit every storage need.<br /> <strong>7.</strong> A tap together boltless assembly.<br /> <strong>8.</strong> Top caps and protective feet included.<br /> <strong>9.</strong> No support braces needed which allows for easy access to storage.<br /> <strong>10.</strong> Tie plates&sbquo; wall brackets&sbquo; assembly mallet and additional shelves available separately.</p> <p><strong>Ideal for:</strong><br /> <strong>-</strong> Warehouses<br /> <strong>-</strong> Archiving<br /> <strong>-</strong> Factories</p> <p><strong>ORDERS&nbsp;WILL&nbsp;BE&nbsp;DELIVERED&nbsp;NEXT DAY!</strong></p>

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