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Premium Equestrian Rubber Bark Chippings

£ 397.79 (Inc VAT) | £ 331.49 (Exc VAT)
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It is produced virtually dust free to a particle size of 18-25mm which in conjunction with good maintenance allows the rubber to sit on the surface providing optimum performance.

This premium quality product is manufactured from high quality recycled tyres which contain essential moisture retentive fibre.

It can either be used with new arenas to assist in providing the optimum riding surface, or similarly with arenas which are in need of rejuvenation or general TLC!

It assists in providing ultimate sand stabilization and elasticity, whilst ensuring movement is minimised and compaction is reduced therefore providing both horse and rider a safer experience.
In conjunction with good maintenance practices it reduces ongoing costs by helping to prevent the rubber from migrating downwards into the sand and losing efficacy.
Premium Equestrian Rubber is particularly advantageous when utilising with either poor sand arenas or where poor quality rubber has been previously used.

For optimum performance, apply the rubber chippings on top of a quality sand bed.

A 20m x 40m arena requires approx 18 tons of Economix
A 20m x 60m arena requires approx 28 tons of Economix

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