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Premium Quality 100g Weed Control Fabric Ground Cover Membrane Landscape Mulch Garden

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100gsm one of the strongest and most durable woven ground covers around!

U.V stabilized and water permeable! Which keeps the weeds at bay and your ground still full of nutrients!

Can be used in a number of different projects from DIY to gardening!

Woven HD 100g Weed Control FabricWoven Heavy Duty Weed Control Fabric is a very tough woven weed control solution.

When using this product it is vital you cover the fabric with aggregates stones bark mulch to a depth of 75mm.

This product should not be left uncovered as whilst the fabric is UV Stabilised the UV light rays from the sun will over time biodegrade the product.

This is a good product to use where a strong weed growth has occurred due to the woven polypropylene fibres.

Tough weed control

Robust PP substrate giving stronger protection where needed

Less porous than non woven weed fabric

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