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Van Vault Fire Safe

£ 1,023.94 (Inc VAT) | £ 853.28 (Exc VAT)
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<p><strong>Van Vault Fire Safe</strong><br /> The Van Vault Fire Safe is purpose built for the onsite storage of flammable liquids. These minimise the risk of accidents and enforce a safe environment.<br /> <br /> <strong>Specification:</strong><br /> <strong>&bull;&nbsp;</strong>Manufactured for the storage of flammable liquids.<br /> &bull;&nbsp;Fully ventilated with gauze flame arrestors.<br /> &bull;&nbsp;Fitted with brass overspill tap.<br /> &bull;&nbsp;Elevation tray included.<br /> &bull;&nbsp;Manufactured from 2.5 mm sheet steel.<br /> &bull;&nbsp;Fully phosphated and powder coated for a durable finish.<br /> &bull; 2 x 5 lever BS Locks.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> &bull;&nbsp;2 x keye.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> &bull;&nbsp;Fork lift points for easy loading.<br /> &bull;&nbsp;UK Design.<br /> <br /> <strong>Size:</strong><br /> Size mm (external):</p> <p>1150 (L) x 585 (D) x 595 (H)</p> <p>Size mm (internal):</p> <p>922 (L) x 566 (D) x 490 (H)</p> <p>Size mm (opening):</p> <p>420 (L) x 580 (D) x 420 (H)</p> <p>Weight <strong>97Kg</strong></p>

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