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Transparent Yellow Strip Curtains (Swivel Hinge)

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Heavy duty transparent yellow curtains. Ideal for use in entrances and exits used by vehicles and /or forklifts. PVC strips are bolted onto the rail for max strength. This is the robust way to stop flying pests entering your premisses. Kit includes heavy duty galvanised steel swivel hinge hanging rail and fully-prepped 300mm x 3mm transparent yellow PVC strips. ALL SIZES NOMINAL.

About the rails: Swivel hinge curtain rails are designed for heavy-duty strip curtain use. They are unique and we believe they’re the UK’s toughest curtain rail system. The robust design reduces the risk of damage. Over the lifetime of a curtain this can dramatically reduce repair costs compared to other weaker curtain formats. Rails are made to order to cover any size of span and come fully assembled ready to hang. NOTE: They are not self-supporting. They must be fitted onto a structurally supporting surface across the whole opening span.  

Fitting: Rails can be face or soffit fitted depending on your selected choice of mounting bracket. Once in place, the rails take PVC strips pre-punched with hanging holes to match the rail set-up. NOTE: Fixings for mounting the rail are not included. (These should be supplied by installer and be suitable for fitting surface.) The strips then slot into the centre of the wrap-around swivel hinges and are securely bolted in place with M8 nuts and bolts. (These are supplied free).  

About the PVC: For those looking to keep out flying insects this PVC is ideal. It protects most premises from insects – but still provides excellent see-through clarity and easy passage for employees needing to pass through openings quickly and safely. Strips supplied in stock lengths can easy be trimmed to achieve bespoke sizes.

Other key facts: Highly flexible PVC. High impact resistance. Highly effective a noise barrier. Competitively priced. Contains anti-UV filters to help protect against the damaging effects of sunlight. Materials sourced from highly reputable UK manufacturers / suppliers to ensure best quality.

Strip overlap: 300mm 56% overlap: Recommended up to 4000mm high

Hanging tip: Strips are supplied rolled-up. When first hung, this may result in the base of the strips curling upwards slightly This residual curl will naturally fall out given time. (It may take longer in cold conditions.) If possible, before hanging, unroll and leave to flatten out overnight. If this isn’t practical, try reverse rolling the strips or applying gentle heat.


Key Details:

Kit Contents: Rails to span your width. Set of PVC strips cut to length and prepped ready to hang. Fitting instructions.

Recommended Temperature Range:  0°C to +40°C

Hanging Parts: 1” Galvanised M/W Tube (BS1387), galvanised steel shell hinges, UPVC spacers

PVC Type: Insect Yellow

Fixing Brackets Options: R1 (face fitting), R2 (soffit fitting), R3 (90° stand-off)

Fixings: M8 nuts and bolts are supplied to attach PVC strips to the rail’s swivel hinges. But fixings for attaching the rails mounting brackets to your fitting surface are NOT. These need to be supplied by installer and be suitable for fitting surface.

Certification: DOP free. Complies fully with all REACH regulations.

Longevity: PVC strip is considered a consumable product. How fast it’s consumed is beyond any manufacturer’s or supplier’s control. Its lifespan will be dictated by where it’s used, what type of traffic might move through it and how carefully (or aggressively) such traffic does so. To help maximise its working life, we always recommend that PVC curtains are fitted internally behind doors or openings that can provide a degree of shelter. If they’re fitted outside of a doorway or building, fully exposed to the elements all day and night, they can deteriorate and/or lose clarity more quickly. The rate of this will depend entirely on the severity of the local weather. We have some customers who replace their PVC annually… others who’ve had the same for many, many years.

NOTE: All dimensions nominal. Subject to original manufacturer’s standard tolerances.

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