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Twin Track Anti-Static PVC Curtain Strips Twin track PVC curtain strips Linear Metre

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New and replacement twin track anti-static PVC curtain strips (aka: bolt-on anti-static PVC curtain strips). High quality specialist PVC strip manufactured specifically use in places where build-up of static charge could affect sensitive electronics – like data centre curtains. Cut to your required length and drilled with hanging holes at no extra cost so they’re ready to ready to hang. Fixing plates sold separately.A highly flexible, clear and hard wearing product. NOTE: The anti-static PVC we now supply is clear with a feint green tint to it. See PVC roll image on left. ALL SIZES NOMINAL

Twin track anti-static PVC curtain strips (aka: bolt-on anti-static PVC curtain strips) are ideal for data centres. That’s because, with normal PVC strip curtains, when people or goods pass trough them, the movement of the strips rubbing against each other can lead to a build up of static charge. In most situations this isn’t a problem and the charge is released harmlessly. But in areas where there’s sensitive electronic equipment (like data centres) this static build up can have highly undesirable consequences. During the manufacturing of this PVC a special anti-static formula is processed into the PVC strip meaning that any static charge is neutralised before it can become a problem.

We can supply new and replacement curtain strips using anti-static PVC for all twin track rails. These are priced by the linear metre, cut to your required length and punched ready to hang.

Available in:

200mm x 2mm (Light Duty) : Recommended max height: 3m

300mm x 3mm (Medium Duty) : Recommended max height: 5m

NOTE: All dimensions nominal. Subject to original manufacturer’s standard tolerances.

Other key facts:
Highly flexible. High impact resistance. Highly effective a noise barrier. Competitively priced. Sourced from highly reputable UK manufacturers / suppliers to ensure best quality.

Hanging tip: Strips are supplied rolled-up. When first hung this may result in the base of the strips curling upwards slightly. This residual curl will naturally fall out given time. (It may take longer in cold conditions.) If possible, before hanging, unroll and leave to flatten out overnight. If this isn’t practical, try reverse rolling the strips or applying gentle heat.

Key Details:

PVC Type: Anti-Static Clear

Full Roll Size: 50m

Recommended Temperature Range:  0°C to +40°C

Certification: Certified Anti-Static. DOP free. Complies fully with all REACH regulations.

Recommended Environment: Data Centres


Anti-Static Property:
Depending on individual location use and environmental conditions, we are advised by the manufacture that the anti-static effect should last between 18 months and 2 years. Once the effect has worn-off the PVC reverts to being a regular standard PVC product.

PVC Strip in General:
PVC strip is considered a consumable product. How fast it’s consumed is beyond any manufacturer’s or supplier’s control. Its life span will be dictated by where it’s used, what type of traffic might move through it and how carefully (or aggressively) such traffic does so. We have some customers who replace their PVC annually… others who’ve had the same for many, many years.

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